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Hollow - is part elevator's mine, which is situated in the lower level of extreme lower superficial ground.
Hospital passenger elevator - is an elevator,
intended for raising and chuting of patients, in a that number on transport facilities with an accompanying personnel. Internal management - is a type of management, at which the commands of management on starting of elevator are given only from a booth.
Little freight elevator (official elevator of class V) - is a permanent jeck which serves certain floors. It has a booth, which doesn't allow the access of people ibecause of its sizes and structural implementation (a carrying capacity is 250 kg, the square of floor doesn't exceed 1 m, height of mine's door isn't more than 1250 mm).


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1.Ліфт пасажирський, Отіс в/п 400 кг , будівельне завдання (Модель Z0583)

2.Ліфт пасажирський, Отіс в/п 630 кг, будівельне завдання (Модель Z0882)

3.Ліфт пасажирський, Отіс в/п 1000 кг , будівельне завдання (Модель Z1383W)

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