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Safety device of elevator - is a device for providing of the safe use an elevator.
Sending booths (counterbalances) - are device which determines position of booth (counterbalances) in a mine.

Special setting elevator -  is an elevator, intended for concrete industry and special purpose setting.

Squeezing freight elevator - is a freight elevator, getting up of booth of which is produced by force, that operates on it from below.

Technical service - is a complex of actions or action for maintenance in good condition or state of capacity of elevator (lift) during the use of it on purpose, outage, storage and transporting.

The mixed management - is a type of management, at which the command of management on starting of elevator is given both from a booth and from superficial grounds.


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Yet not so a long ago, it was possible to blunder upon episodes in works of science fiction, when a man could travel in transparent capsules. For today, rising a pneumatic elevator, feel a transition outside fantasy, at the same time not losing the connection with reality. It is a lift which moves without using cables, blocks, pistons, counterbalances,drives and other elevator equipment.
The use of force of natural air pressure is original conception of company producer of pneumatic vacuum elevators which do not have analogues in the world.

Principle of work of pneumatic elevator
is interesting not only simplicity but also reliability and faultlessness, in the use. The powerful |engine" of pneumatic elevator is a difference in pressure of air above and under a cage, which transports you by force current of air. A cage is conducted in motion due to festering of pressure, otherwise speaking, an elevator works on principle a pump. It is done a vacuum pump or turbine, that lift you on a next floor and slowly let the air out for motion downward. When a piston a pump pumps out air into a cylinder in a section higher booths, it begins to rise under act of atmospheric pressure from below booths.
Consequently, getting up is carried out due to a difference in pressures from below and from above booths. Valve which regulates admittance of air in overhead part of mine controls falling of pressure and possibility of getting up. When a valve is admitted by atmospheric air in a section with LP, pneumatic elevator will fluently go down on a necessary floor. The same valve controlls the movement of booth. The underbody of mine is opened for access of atmospheric air. The process of suction is simple and consists of the pump, which creates a difference in pressure between surrounding air and air into a mine within the limits of piston, walls of cylinder and overhead lid.

Control of safety.
Due to physical principles of work of elevator, there is a fact of reliability and safety. In fact practically and in theory there is impossibleto to stick between floors or falling of elevator. Moreover, in the case of the sudden disconnecting of electric power the pneumatic elevator automatically will go down on a ground floor. Every elevator is equipped by the system of signaling, emergency ventilation,safe switches of doors and telephone.
The doors of elevator can not be opened, when an elevator moves. A pneumatic elevator is equipped devices which block, into a mine for stopping of booth at extreme overhead and lower positions.With the purpose of improvement of safety the brake devices, which is situated at the rooftop of booth, will activated in case if in part of mine higher booth atmospheric air will act by surprise. The brake system is built-in in a diaphragm and in a piston.

Technical descriptions of elevator.
This type of elevators is limited enough in the choice of variants. As a rule,standart variants are offered:
94 cm in a diameter,
carrying capacity 200 kg,
panoramic kind - on 360 degrees,
rate of movement: 0,2 m/s,
height of getting up a to 11 mcode from the level of floor.
Illumination of booth by halogen lamps, the call and management buttons into a booth illuminate from beneath on every floor.
A power supply is a direct current of 24v.
Doors are with possibility of opening both in one and at two sides.
Switch of safe pressure activates in the case of falling of elevator and stops him after two centimetres of motion, in case of setting off electricity provides the smooth lowering on a ground floor; material of mine and doors - mouldable under a cylinder polikarbonat, foundation and roof of mine and booth, is executed from steel and special a plastic.
Doors provide impermeability.
Anxious signaling - located in a booth together with emergency ventilation.
The retaining system is activated as soon as an elevator walked up a necessary floor.

Advantages and lacks of pneumatic elevator compared to classic (hydraulic and electric elevators):

-occupy little place;
-exactness of stop;
-smoothness of step;
-unique and elegant design;
-simplicity of assembling;
-the electric power is used only for getting up, force of weight operates during lowering;
-electric chains - 24 Volts, it is not necessary to grease, permanent repair is minimum;
- it is possible to dismantle an elevator and carry it into other place.

-pneumatic elevators are counted on one or two persons;
-a price on pneumatic vacuum elevators is higher than elevators of classic type;
-the limitation in a carrying capacity and height of getting up;
-credible problems with insurance.

A vacuum pneumatic elevator is original enough. As a rule, most possibilities of application of pneumatic elevator are exactly in private houses, cottages, apartments. In fact vacuum elevators are considerably simpler in assembling, adjusting, and service than ordinary elevators. Moreover interesting is a designer decision of pneumatic elevator.










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