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Panoramic elevator - an elevator which has a transparent booth and mine and it is intended for a review by passengers surrounding space.                   
Passable booth - is a booth which has 2 and more entrances (outputs) (emergency doors are not taken into account).

Passenger electric multi-booth lift - is a stationary multi-booth machine of continuous action electrically-actuated, intended for raising and chuting of people in a booth, entrance and the output of which is carried out during its motion.

Passenger elevator - is an elevator, intended for raising and lowering of people.

Passenger elevator with an explorer - is a passenger elevator, management of which carries out an explorer .

Repair - is a restoring of damaged, worked or such which became useless on any reason, component parts of elevators and lifts with taking the elevators and lifts to the capable and good condition state.


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Yuanda Enterprise Group is a large-scale international leading enterprise group mainly engaging construction curtain wall, system windows & doors, elevator manufacture, motor manufacture, environmental engineering and industry coating. Its head office is located at the base of equipment manufacture city---Shenyang.

 After 16 years' development, the Group has owned 22 subsidiary companies and ten thousand employees. Meanwhile, there are 4 large-scale manufacturing plants, which located at Shenyang, Shanghai, Chengdu and Foshan. Depending on Shenyang Yuandan Enterprise, our business has covered all cities in China; Yuanda realized combination of global business resource and the spreading function of service network through setting up subsidiary companies and branches. Shenyang Brilliant Elevator Co., Ltd. is a large specialized enterprise that is engaged in design, manufacture, installation and after-sale service business of modern elevators. It is subordinated to Yuanda Enterprise Group - the large scale international group.

The company is located in Shenyang city, the base of Chinese equipments and manufactures, and now possesses the most advanced equipments in the world with the investment of 450 millions Yuan R.M.B., annual production capacity has up to 12000 sets. Shenyang Brilliant Elevator Co. has achieved ISO9001 international quality system, as well as CE marking,passed production permission and installation qualifications issued by General Administration of Quality Supervision,Inspection and Quarantine of the People's  Republic of China (AQSIQ).

As one of the core industry of Yuanda Enterprise Group, BLT elevator has its own brand and intellectual property. After striving few years, BLT has been involved into the leading team of global elevator industry. A range of products of BLT, such as passenger elevator, sightsee elevator industry, bed elevator, freight elevator, solid garage and automatic escalator, have been applied into lots of global fields, such as residential building, business centre, shopping mall, supermarket, airport, underground and so on.

Machine-room-less elevator, which is researched and invented independently by BLT, power exhausted is lower 40% than traditional type and has qualified as international advanced level.   First Generation of high-speed passenger elevator was developed independently and added new power for development of world high-speed elevator, the speed is 4m per second and traveling height reaches 180m. Independently developed big rated load machine-room-less elevator broke through the limit that machine-room-less elevator can't operate at high-speed and big rated, the max rated load reaches 1600 kg with 2.0 m/s; Heavy-loading passenger escalator reaches the hoisting height at 18.5 m, which is highest in China, covering all kinds of escalator productions whose hoisting height below 21 m. Brilliant elevator has been exported to more than 130 countries and regions.

Incessant naissance of high-tech products and the ceaseless technological innovation of world elevator are the result of Brilliant's first-class technological research and development, exquisite technological design and gradually maturating sales and customer service system. "Build up world-class factory, create international famous brand" is the target of the company. So far Brilliant elevators and escalators has been exported to more than seventy-six countries of the world! The Brilliant would like to create resplendency together with all the people in the world.

1. Passengea Elevator  Brilliant.

2. Panoramic Elevator Brilliant.

3. Machine-roomless  Brilliant .

4. Bed Elevator Brilliant.

5. Freight Elevator Brilliant.

6. Escalators Brilliant.

7. Passenger Conveyor BLT.

8. Car Parking System BLT.







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