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Electric elevator - is an elevator in which an electro-drive gives a booth to motion .
Elevator-boy - is a person which manages an elevator and watches after fulfilment by passengers of "Rules of using an elevator".

Exploitation - is the stage of life cycle of elevator or lift on which will realize, support and proceed quality of good. Exploitation of elevator engulfs the stages of introduction to exploitation on purpose, storage, transporting, technical service, permanent and middle repair, stopping of exploitation (utilization and elimination).

Freight elevator with a monorail - is an ordinary freight elevator in the booth of which there is the foreseen possibility of fastening of the suspended way (monorails and others like that).

Freight elevator with an explorer - is an elevator, intended for transporting of loads carrying passengers with an explorer.


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BLT MRL elevator, which completely removes machine room on the top of shaft, improves the rate of utilization for building space, reduces the cost of energy consume and construction materials. With the adoption of extremely thin permanent magnet synchronous gearless traction machine, all devices of elevator are disposed compactly and rationally in shaft to make the building appearance more harmonious.
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