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Hollow - is part elevator's mine, which is situated in the lower level of extreme lower superficial ground.
Hospital passenger elevator - is an elevator,
intended for raising and chuting of patients, in a that number on transport facilities with an accompanying personnel. Internal management - is a type of management, at which the commands of management on starting of elevator are given only from a booth.
Little freight elevator (official elevator of class V) - is a permanent jeck which serves certain floors. It has a booth, which doesn't allow the access of people ibecause of its sizes and structural implementation (a carrying capacity is 250 kg, the square of floor doesn't exceed 1 m, height of mine's door isn't more than 1250 mm).


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BLT MRL elevator, which completely removes machine room on the top of shaft, improves the rate of utilization for building space, reduces the cost of energy consume and construction materials. With the adoption of extremely thin permanent magnet synchronous gearless traction machine, all devices of elevator are disposed compactly and rationally in shaft to make the building appearance more harmonious.
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