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A height of getting up of elevator - is a distance for vertical lines between the levels of lower overhead landings (loadings) grounds.

A height of mine - is a distance for vertical lines from the floor of hollow mine to ceiling above a mine.

A height of overhead part of mine - is distance for vertical lines from the level of the overhead landing (load ground) to ceiling above a mine (ceiling of mine).

A hydraulic elevator - is an elevator in which electro-pumping gidrodrive of forward motion gives a booth to motion.

A machine apartment - is a separate apartment for placing of elevators' equipment.

A mine - is a space, in which a booth, counterbalance and device of booth moves. 

A reconstruction - is a change of kinematics chart of elevator, increases of carrying capacity or nominal speed, which are carried out after introduction of elevator to exploitation.

A sidewalk freight elevator - is a freight squeezing elevator the booth of which goes out from a mine.

A single management - is a control system by work of one elevator.

A width of booth - is a distance for horizontal lines between the internal surfaces of booths' walls, that it is measured parallell included in a booth.


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BLT-FS elevator features smooth running, excellent performance, safety, reliability and with complete specification. It can be widely used in department stores, supermarkets, factories, wholesale centers, railway stations, warehouses, wharves or other buildings for goods transportation. It is a new type of freight elevator which can fully meet the modern requirements.
Strong durability: Different decorative styles can meet the requirements of different buildings.



There are various types door opening such as two-speed sliding door, center opening two speed door, etc, which can meet the requirements for expanded door opening.
Advanced VVVF door machine ensures the door to open and close promptly and gently.

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