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Panoramic elevator - an elevator which has a transparent booth and mine and it is intended for a review by passengers surrounding space.                   
Passable booth - is a booth which has 2 and more entrances (outputs) (emergency doors are not taken into account).

Passenger electric multi-booth lift - is a stationary multi-booth machine of continuous action electrically-actuated, intended for raising and chuting of people in a booth, entrance and the output of which is carried out during its motion.

Passenger elevator - is an elevator, intended for raising and lowering of people.

Passenger elevator with an explorer - is a passenger elevator, management of which carries out an explorer .

Repair - is a restoring of damaged, worked or such which became useless on any reason, component parts of elevators and lifts with taking the elevators and lifts to the capable and good condition state.


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BLT-CS passenger conveyor is designed and manufactured according to the EN115 SAFETY RULES FOR THE CONSTRUCTION AND INSTALLATION OF ESCALATORS AND PASSENGER CONVEYORS By European Standardization Committee (accord with Chinese GB16899-1997)
Advanced processing equipment and technical equipment are the guarantee for manufacturing high quality products.
The truss is made of high quality rectangle steel pipe with stronger load capacity, more smooth running and longer service life.


The design of stainless steel pallets with compact structure can make full use of building space, which is of strong durability and artistic beauty; the pallets designed with anti-slip groove make the passengers feel more safe and comfortable.
Faults in running can be displayed automatically through the display window, which make the use and maintenance work more simple and convenient
Various colors of handrail in compact style make the surroundings more harmonious and elegant.

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