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A width of mine - is a distance for horizontal lines between the internal surfaces of mine which is measured parallell the width of booth.

A winch - is an electromechanics device with an electric motor, intended for creation of squeezing effort which provides motion of cage.

A wire-rope elevator; a tow-line elevator - is an elevator in which rope (tow-line) is used as a hauling organ .

An elevator - is a stationary machine of batch-type, intended for getting up and lowering of people and (or) loads in a booth, which moves on the hard rectilineal sending in which angle of slope to the vertical line not more than 15 degrees.

An elevator drive - is a device for the concitation of elevator.

An explorer (elevator) - is a person which constantly is in a cage and gives management commands.   

An external management - is a type of management, at which the command of management on starting of elevator is given only from superficial grounds.

An ordinary freight elevator - is an elevator the booth of which is suspended for its overhead part.


Attached mine - is a mine, located outside the house.

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