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A height of getting up of elevator - is a distance for vertical lines between the levels of lower overhead landings (loadings) grounds.

A height of mine - is a distance for vertical lines from the floor of hollow mine to ceiling above a mine.

A height of overhead part of mine - is distance for vertical lines from the level of the overhead landing (load ground) to ceiling above a mine (ceiling of mine).

A hydraulic elevator - is an elevator in which electro-pumping gidrodrive of forward motion gives a booth to motion.

A machine apartment - is a separate apartment for placing of elevators' equipment.

A mine - is a space, in which a booth, counterbalance and device of booth moves. 

A reconstruction - is a change of kinematics chart of elevator, increases of carrying capacity or nominal speed, which are carried out after introduction of elevator to exploitation.

A sidewalk freight elevator - is a freight squeezing elevator the booth of which goes out from a mine.

A single management - is a control system by work of one elevator.

A width of booth - is a distance for horizontal lines between the internal surfaces of booths' walls, that it is measured parallell included in a booth.


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