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Safety device of elevator - is a device for providing of the safe use an elevator.
Sending booths (counterbalances) - are device which determines position of booth (counterbalances) in a mine.

Special setting elevator -  is an elevator, intended for concrete industry and special purpose setting.

Squeezing freight elevator - is a freight elevator, getting up of booth of which is produced by force, that operates on it from below.

Technical service - is a complex of actions or action for maintenance in good condition or state of capacity of elevator (lift) during the use of it on purpose, outage, storage and transporting.

The mixed management - is a type of management, at which the command of management on starting of elevator is given both from a booth and from superficial grounds.


Elevators for invalids E-mail
       Stairs are permanent attribute of our everyday life. However, this method of movement does not suit for littlemobile citizens, majority from whichare prisoners in their own apartments. In fact, the elevators of old construction don't contain invalid light carts.The invalids (disabled) can't also get to the shops, hospitals, establishments of culture, enterprises without any help.

       Nowadays, in favourable competition circumstances, as a decision of this problem, the row of transport vehicles of different factories-producers of Ukraine and foreignness can offer for the vertical movement of invalids on light carts:

-Lifting platform:

is used for transporting of invalids on invalid arm-chairs-carriages single-handed along stair cages (on the line of traektorii) or apeak from one level on other.
       A lift can be set in buildings of different type and fully inscribed in inter'er and building construction. Sending platforms can be fastened to the wall, stair (on supports) or to the floor. A platform is driven to working position and folded by hand.
       At pressure  on the button of motion a protective barier of platform's floor rises automatically, and barriers go down. A platform moves only at the constantly pushed-in button of start. If to release the button a platform is stopped, and at repeated pressing it begins to move in the opposite direction. On arrival on the set stop an user lifts a barrier by hand.
-An elevator platform (hydraulic lift) which can be set outside building (buildings) and consists of :
-the base;
-complete of bearings columns;
-lifting system with the system of wheels and lifting tractions;
-transport platforms;
-the system of electro-hydraulic drive and control system.

      Liftings trolleys are placed into columns and move in them upward-downward by means of wheels on the special paths in columns, rise and go down by help of hydraulically rope mechanism. Management, getting up and lowering of the system together with a platform is carried out from a control (on the lateral wall of a transport platform) panel, or can be carried out by means of external buttons upward-downward. During lowering a voice signal is given.

       For the sake of the personal safety of invalids elevators are equipped by safety devices, namely:
-safety valve in the case of overload; -induction sensors of approaching the ropes stretching;
-last switches of closing the doors ;
-safety valve, which protects in the case of cracks in a hydraulic drive;
-mechanism of the electric blocking of the safe lowering;
-mechanism of the mechanical blocking of raising mechanism ;
-overflow valve.

       In the case of appearance of any obstacle during lowering of platform, a platform is automatically stopped (works mechanically electric blocking of the safe lowering).

-Lift for transporting passengers in an arm-chair-carriage and without accompany.

       It is used, as a rule, at the entrances of buildings with the purpose of transporting invalids in arm-chairs-carriages from the level of sidewalk to the ground floor which is served by a passenger elevator.

-fencing the platform by a mine;
-automatic maintenance of platform at the level of stop;
-safety and reliability; -simplicity in use;
-has a fence with metallic mine.

-A passenger elevator for transporting passengers in an arm-chair-carriage.

       A passenger elevator is intended for establishment in housings and administrative buildings with the purpose of transporting passengers, including passengers on invalid carriages. The special difference of this construction is establishment the management post at the level of carriage height.

                                             Photos of elevators and lifts for invalids