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A width of mine - is a distance for horizontal lines between the internal surfaces of mine which is measured parallell the width of booth.

A winch - is an electromechanics device with an electric motor, intended for creation of squeezing effort which provides motion of cage.

A wire-rope elevator; a tow-line elevator - is an elevator in which rope (tow-line) is used as a hauling organ .

An elevator - is a stationary machine of batch-type, intended for getting up and lowering of people and (or) loads in a booth, which moves on the hard rectilineal sending in which angle of slope to the vertical line not more than 15 degrees.

An elevator drive - is a device for the concitation of elevator.

An explorer (elevator) - is a person which constantly is in a cage and gives management commands.   

An external management - is a type of management, at which the command of management on starting of elevator is given only from superficial grounds.

An ordinary freight elevator - is an elevator the booth of which is suspended for its overhead part.


Attached mine - is a mine, located outside the house.

Otis Elevator E-mail
History of company-producer 


     The first safe elevator appears in 1852. It was an invention of American  E.G. Otis. Creation of the special devices - catching - prevented falling of lift at the precipice of ropes. Since that moment the technological improvements of liftings mechanisms were not ended.
     Today the turn of  OTIS company exceeds by six milliards of dollars. Annually it gives life for 70 thousand elevators and escalators more than in 200 countries, and the number of machines which are served is approached to one and a half millions.
     Presented by a company  the first in the world escalator gave to architects additional possibilities in planning of housesin 1900 . In 1903 OTIS developed a model which became the skeleton of elevator industry: direct-drive electric elevator, capable to outlive building. Such machines were afterwards set in the greatest houses of planet: known sky-scraper Empire State Bilding, on a televisional tower in Toronto and towers of Petronas in Kuala-Lumpure.
     Among the  revolution technologies OTIS were: - the first panoramic elevator;- elevator with two boothes;- high-speed elevator; -systems of elevators which are able to move not only for vertical lines but also for horizontal lines.
     Nowadays factories-producers offer the high-quality electric elevators of world class of high level of comfort, reliability and safety. Application of modern componentsin the elevators provides smooth motion of booth, reduction of amount of refuses, and noiseless work of elevators. The wearproofness of materials is guaranteed by reliability and longevity of service of all mechanisms.
     Production of elevators OTIS 2000 are carried out at the plant of Otis in Kyiv. A factory is equipped by the most modern equipment and produces high quality.  Otis is the first  producer of elevators in Ukraine, which has an international certificate of standard of quality of ISO 9001. Modern equipment and technologies, professionalism of employees and control of quality on all stages is a guarantee  that the elevator made in Ukraine will be similarly reliable, as well as elevators of this brand in the whole world.
     The main advantage of OTIS 2000 is that it corresponds to accordance the European elevator norms and also Rules of structure and safe exploitation of elevators. Making of elevator on the Ukrainian base and use of the most modern European technologies allows to offer to the customers fully moderate prices.
     There is a great number of variants of designer decisions for each type. It enables to create the exclusive finishing, capable to adorn an inter'er of any house. Elevators of OTIS 2000  are made by a carrying capacity 400-1000 kg and by speed 1,0-1,6 m/s.
     In addition, OTIS developed other types of a lifting-transport equipment, opening  new horizons for designers and builders.
     In 2000  OTIS presented world technologies of new millennium - elevator without machine appartment Gen2 that gave architects and builders additional possibilities. In addition, Gen2 is the first ecologically clean elevator in the world.It doesn't need butters and greasings.
      Supporting reputation of innovator and adhering to the last progress of scientific thought trends, OTIS was the first who gave  to the architects the possibility to construct an elevator and escalator equipment over the Internet. Their site containthe program, that allows to design elevators and escalators for houses which exist yet only on a paper. The users of world network can get recommendations about an optimum equipment for any house on the basis of analysis of passenger streams.  It is necessary only to indicate a few base parameters of house. Then it is possible to define technical descriptions of elevators and escalators, pick up a design, revise a draft and specifications of elevators and escalators and get budgetary prices.