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Panoramic elevator - an elevator which has a transparent booth and mine and it is intended for a review by passengers surrounding space.                   
Passable booth - is a booth which has 2 and more entrances (outputs) (emergency doors are not taken into account).

Passenger electric multi-booth lift - is a stationary multi-booth machine of continuous action electrically-actuated, intended for raising and chuting of people in a booth, entrance and the output of which is carried out during its motion.

Passenger elevator - is an elevator, intended for raising and lowering of people.

Passenger elevator with an explorer - is a passenger elevator, management of which carries out an explorer .

Repair - is a restoring of damaged, worked or such which became useless on any reason, component parts of elevators and lifts with taking the elevators and lifts to the capable and good condition state.


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     KONE Corporation is a global international service and machine-building company, founded on October, 27, 1910 in Finland. A company specialized on a production, sale, assembling and technical maintenance of elevators, escalators, travolators and passenger lifts without hollow.
    The corporation of KONE successfully works in more, than 100 countries and  islands of the World and is the first and unique company among the western suppliers of a lifting-transport equipment which works in Russia and countries the CIS more than 70 years.


     Ecodom. It is the most accessible in a financial plan elite passenger elevator for housings buildings of ordinary and middle level. The elevators of Ecodom are specially created for the mass use in housing building.
    Due to the effective decision of Ecodom, it was  reduced the cost of
KONE elevators  and saved high quality, the most modern technologies and materials of treatment.
    Due to power and efficiency of compact drive, KONE Ecodisc, requiressmall machine apartment, located above a mine which diminishes build charges and frees a more real-estate.


     It is the Unique machine room less passenger elevator in the World which is capable to walk up a height to 70 meters with speed to 2,5m/s, by a carrying capacity to 2000 kg - for dwelling, administrative (for an office) and public houses.

    A passenger elevator of KONE Monospace is unique connection of the best properties of all ordinary rope and hydraulic elevators. Absence of machine apartment and loadings on the construction of mine is provided lightness of connection of elevator equipment  with the construction of house. In most houses, setting of passenger elevator of KONE Monospace can replace setting of all other types of elevator equipment.
    The passenger elevators of KONE Monospace  save building time, materials and charges. The effective method of assembling of passenger elevators  is provided by short termsof establishment of elevator equipment.


    Kone is the unique  firm in the world which produces elevators without counterbalances and without a machine apartment.
  Confirming the World technological leadership
KONE presents the elevator of KONE Maxispace  with radically new technology of getting up, which removes a requirement in counterbalances in elevators. Elevators which use this technology can have a booth on third greater less  than ordinary elevators, located in the same on sizes mines. In many cases the elevator of KONE is able to transport  6 or  8 passengers. Before an elevator could transport only  4 passengers. KONE Maxispace improves access for passengers on invalid carriages and passengers with baby-carriages.

4. SPEED ELEVATOR Minispace.

    It  is the Unique passenger elevator in the World which has a carrying capacity to 3200 kg and speed a to 6,0 m/s, getting up to 180m (maks. 63 stops). It needs minimum machine apartment and could be located on any floor.
   Due to the extraordinarily compact mechanism of  Ecodisc, the machine apartment of Minispace occupies in all 40% which is necessary for the ordinary rope elevator.


   It is The unique  passenger or freight elevator in the World which has a carrying capacity to 10 tons, the height of getting up to 500 meters and speed  to 17 m/s. It is also possible to  implement the booth with twodeck. The greatest sky-scrapers of the world are equipped by the elevators of KONE Alta. This elevator intended for transportation simultaneously to 70 passengers with speed 17 m/s on a height to 500 meters.
   In addition, due to the unique method of setting, KONE Alta can be used for transportation of workers and materials, already during building of house. 


   It is a prestige and chic glass passenger elevator. The panoramic elevators of KONE Scenix are made on the base of elevators which do not require a machine apartment: KONE Monospace and speed elevators of KONE Minispace.


   The viewing elevators, at the maintainance of all possibilities of panoramic elevatorshave a cost in 1,5 - 2 times less  than panoramic elevators, that allows clients  to purchase a glass elevator. Viewing elevators are ordinary elevators of Monospace or Minispace, in the rectangular booths of which there is one, two or all walls, and also doors, can be executed from anti-percussion glass.If you choose a viewing elevator with the transparent walls of booth you also  need the proper mine which does not enter in the complete set of supply.Viewing elevators are divided into two types:
- The glass on a back wall of booth and partly on a doors (one of the cheapest variants);  
- The glass on one, two or three walls  or on the doors of booth.It is possible to glaze on all width of all the wall, bexcept wall with control panel. This wall also can be partly glazed. Elevators by a carrying capacity 630 and 1000kg couldn't be glazed  complete. For complete glaze, you are to choose other carrying capacity: 320, 400, 450, 480, 800, 900, 1275. The glass door can not have a fire-resistance! European elevator instructions require the presence of rails on elevators with glass walls.
 8. FREIGHT ELEVATORS,Transys .                                                                                                                  It is a unique  freight elevator without a machine apartment in the World. The modern freight elevator of KONE Transys without a machine apartment offers more effective going near the decision of various tasks of vertical freight transport for supermarkets, shopping centers, passenger stations, compositions, hospitals, hotels. An elevator  provides noiseless work, smooth motion which protects a fragile load and has exactness of stop 5 mm, that provides an easy load and unloading.
Due to wide automatic doors an elevator becomes fasts, safe and simple in the use.  
 Freight elevators of KONE Transys by a carrying capacity from 1000 to 5000 kg and speed to 1,6 m/s excel all existent elevators speed in the World. Booths and doors of elevator of KONE Transys adjusted for transportation of loads. A booth is treated with stainless steel, protected shock absorbers and equipped with lyuminiscent illumination. A floor has linoleum, steel, aluminium coverage or coverage from stainless steel.  The additional safety device is a "light curtain". Strong door leaves have the double edging and treated the stainless, zincked or painted steel.                          
     9. LITTLE FREIGHT ELEVATORS                                                                                                                      Little freight elevators are produced  for two or five-storeyed buildings. Its framewotk is made from metal. These elevators don't require the registration in the State Organs of Industrial Supervision.An elevator can be made with passable and impassable booth. A booth is faced with stainless steel.  Little freight elevators have a carrying capacity 5,50,100,250 kg.                                
10. MOTOR-CAR ELEVATOR OF KONE. Motor-car elevators are designed and made taking into account a build part of a garage. It has a unique electric direct-drive of Ecodisc, high exactness of stop, large carrying capacity, and intended for setting in autosilos or multilevel cottages.
Unlike the motor-car lifts of other manufacturers,
KONE motor-car elevators  are valuable. It is operated by a driver, without coming from a car. The booths of elevators can be made in a passable variant.
An ideal decision is
a KONE Transysan elevator  with gearless electric drive of Ecodisc.It isn't require  machine apartment. A carrying capacity Of this elevator is 4000 kg. These elevators perfectly will suit for the proprietors of passenger cars and jeeps in cottages, multilevel stands and parkings. In addition, these elevators have incomparable technical descriptions.  
  Motor-car elevators
with a carrying capacity from 6 000 to 10 000 kg are made on the base of elevators of KONE Minispace and KONE Alta with speed to 4 m/s and by the unlimited height of getting up.
KONE offers the great choice of elevators for cottages: inexpensive elevators with a machine apartment - KONE Ecodom; -more chic elevators on a base KONE Monospace, not needing machine apartment (including panoramic and viewing elevators); elevators for cars- machine room less elevators; small freight elevators (5, 50, 100 and 250kg); the cheapest are passanger elevators which do not need hollow.
 The basic parameters of
KONE products is: - a high degree of reliability; energy-savings; absence of necessity of greasing and frequent service; absence of machine apartment; quite; longevity; and more main all, in case of setting off electricity it is possible to arrive on the nearest floor with opening the doors.
KONE elevators answer to all  requirements.  
  In addition, the sizes of booth of hospital elevator allow to transport bed and accompany person.
KONE hospital elevators  do not require a machine apartment. Its carrying capacity: 1275, 1600, 1800 and 2000 kg, height of getting up: to 70 m / 24 stops, speed: 1,0 or 1,6 m/s.
14. A LIFT, Motala-2000  
KONE Passenger lift, Motala 2000 is reliable, safe elevator for people with the limited mobility. It is the most successful decision  for private out-of-town houses and small offices. Advantages:
- it isn't expensive- does not fall under requirements to the elevators, has an electric drive, - is supplied together with a mine, - does not require a machine apartment,  a height of getting up - to 9m, - from 2 to 5 stops, - speed is 0,15 m/s,  a carrying capacity - 400kg / 5 persons., it is possible to move in an invalid carriage, a platform is 1120 kg* 1480 mm, is a mine of 1250 kh 1560 mm. - cut of mine is 1280 kg*1590 mm, - overhead space is 2400 mm, - doors can be on 3 sides; -  the right or left opening; - a standard color - white (Ral9010-40);- any color of mine is possible;- it is possible to glaze mine and doors;- a platform is equipped by halogen lamps and emergency illumination, - internal connection; - an emergency signal is on accumulators, that charge constantly; -large buttons (50kg*50mm); holding function; -function of the keyed access; - the automatic blocking of doors, - a chair which is folded; - 0,55 kvt asynchronous engine; current: 10A, 50hz; tension: 1-phase 220V / 3-phase 380V; rails; inscription the font of Brayl (for people with the limited sight). -  the call buttons, on floors located on a delete from an elevator, for comfort of people on invalid carriages;- handle of doors from stainless steel or tree (tic, oak);- additional. option: a motor is on unfasten doors for the automatic opening.
BASIC TECHNOLOGICAL ACHIEVEMENTS of KONE- ELEVATOR DRIVE of Ecodisc. The driveof elevator ,Ecodisc, allowed to create the first  elevator
in the World which does not require machine apartment (passenger elevator of KONE Monospace and freight elevator of KONE Transys) and consumes 60% electric power. It provides smooth and noiseless motion of elevator, considerable increase of reliability  of elevator's, of mechanism,simplification of service of elevator. Ecodisc is a synchronous engine with a permanent magnet in connection with a frequency management and direct-drive construction with the low coefficient of friction.

Ecodisc consumes half as much energy as compared to the traditional systems, saving a few thousand kilowatts/hours in a year. The higher intensity of motion the more economy.
Elevators with the Ecodisc drive work fluently and quietly, providing a high comfort. The managed starting and high exactness of stop provide safety and simplicity of the use. Ecodisc, that has one mobile part and on small turns engine-on, guarantees reliable work during decades.
Customers which choose Ecodisc save  both on a cost of
constructions and on the cost of consumable energy.
Other dignities of Ecodisc: Does not require greasing; High fast-acting and dynamics. Wide turn-down frequency of rotation; Contact free and absence of knots which require maintenance; Possibility of the use  in an explosive and aggressive environment; Large shifting ability; High power indexes (KPD more 90 % ); Large term of service, high reliability and enhanceable resource of work due to absence of sliding electric contacts; Low overheat of electric motor during work in the modes with possible overloads.



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