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Electric elevator - is an elevator in which an electro-drive gives a booth to motion .
Elevator-boy - is a person which manages an elevator and watches after fulfilment by passengers of "Rules of using an elevator".

Exploitation - is the stage of life cycle of elevator or lift on which will realize, support and proceed quality of good. Exploitation of elevator engulfs the stages of introduction to exploitation on purpose, storage, transporting, technical service, permanent and middle repair, stopping of exploitation (utilization and elimination).

Freight elevator with a monorail - is an ordinary freight elevator in the booth of which there is the foreseen possibility of fastening of the suspended way (monorails and others like that).

Freight elevator with an explorer - is an elevator, intended for transporting of loads carrying passengers with an explorer.


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"Karat-Liftkomplekt" has been working at the elevator  market since 1990. 


     In a last period the issue of elevators on the whole made in 2002 - 32 units, in 2003 - 43 units, in 2004 - 217 units, 2005r. - 310 units, in 2006 - 500 units, in 2007 - 763 units, plan in 2008 - 1000 elevators.  LTD "Karat-Liftkomplekt" occupy a leading place on the supply of electrical equipment for the elevators of all types. It occupies the second place on the issue of elevators after joint-stock COMPANY "Otis".

     "Karatliftkomplekt" produces:
 - passenger elevators by a carrying capacity 400, 500, 630 and 1000 kg with the rate of movement 0,5; 0,63; 0,71; 1,0 and 1,6 m/s ;

- freight elevators by a carrying capacity 100, 250, 500, 1000, 2000, 3200, 5000 and 6300 kg;

- hospital elevators by a carrying capacity 500 kg, 630 kg;

- cottage elevators by a carrying capacity 225 kg.

The passenger elevators are intended for setting in dwelling-houses,public and administrative houses, hotels, banks and offices. Elevators can be made with the overhead and lower location of machine apartment, and also without it.

Features of "Karatliftkomplekt" elevators are:

- smooth motion and enhanceable exactness of stop;

- comfortable booth and mionectic volume;

- indicators  of motion's  direction and position of booth;

- microprocessor  management station.

At an additional order elevators can be made with:

-  frequency regulator of speed of winch;

- the drive of doors with the frequency adjusting of movement's rate;

-  a mirror to the rails;

-  ventilators;

-  the indication  of booth's overload;

- indicator panel of the booth's  position and overload with a linguistic report;

-  the device of access restriction (by the mechanical or electronic key);

-  non-standard denotation of stops.

Elevators are also made for transportation in fire subsections. It is elevators with the fireproof doors of mine, and also with a hatch in ceiling by a size 700x500 mm. A factory produces elevators with possibility of carrying passengers on invalid carriages (door cut of 900mm).

Freight elevators are produced by a carrying capacity 100, 250, 500, 1000, 2000, 3200 and 5000 kg with the rate of movement 0,22; 0,25; 0,4 and 0,5 m/s. These elevators intended for transportation of loads with an explorer and without it. It is set in public houses and on industrial enterprises (compositions, shops, restaurants and other).

These elevators:

- made in ordinary implementation;

- simple in assembling and service;

- have the microprocessor station of management;

-equipped of the extra-strong booth; the doors of booth are extensible, doors of mine are unfasten .

Motor-car freight elevators by a carrying capacity 5000 kg are developed  freight elevators for transportation of cars. They are used in multilevel garages and autocenters.

Small freight elevators by a carrying capacity 100 and 250 kg, which are used in restaurants, shops, libraries. The booth of small freight elevators is made from the metallic modules and can be passable and impassable.

Hospital elevators are set in medical establishments. They allow to transport bed-patients. It can be made with passable and impassable booth. Hospital elevators are equipped by automatic doors and have the mode of transportation in fire subsections.

Elevator for invalids, passenger elevator are intended for establishment in dwellings and public houses with the purpose  of passengers' transportation
, in thereby passengers on invalid light carts, mass of which together with the accompanied load does not exceed the nominal carrying capacity of elevator.

Features of elevators  for invalids:

- management post is set horizontally at the level of height of carriage, the buttons of which are executed with the use  of Brayl's font;

- the width of door cut is 900 mm;

- a winch with onespeed engine which works with a frequency regulator.

Principle of action.

     At pressure on the button of call on a floor a booth comes on the level of exact stop. The doors of elevator are opened automatically.
     A passenger on an invalid carriage drives to the booth and pushes button, located in the post of management. An elevator's  door closed automatically and an elevator  begins to move dispersing to nominal speed. When a cage goes near the sensor of necessary floor, an elevator is fluently slowed and stopped at the level of exact stop and the door opens.

     A passenger on an invalid carriage drives out from a booth, the door closes and a booth stands on a floor until  a call will act from any floor again.

Elevators of "Karatliftkomplekt" without a machine apartment by a carrying capacity 225 kg and by speed 0,63 m/s, specially developed for establishment in houses with small passanger streams and limited space under implementation of a build part. Row of innovations, applied at development of elevator will allow to conduct assembling of equipment in the compressed term, and also to promote safety and reliability of work of elevator, to improve the design of booth and comfort both for the passengers of elevator and for resident in a dwelling-house (noise and vibration is mionectic).

Main advantages of "Karatliftkomplekt" elevator without a machine apartment is: 
 1. The considerable diminishing of sizes of a build part is due to absence of machine apartment; diminishing of minimum height of overhead floor is to 2,8m. The typical mine of this elevator has internal sizes 1,5*1,5 m.
2. Winch is located in a hollow of mine.
3. The location of the management station on a landing ground inside framing  of mine's door provides fast and comfortable access to elektro-devices.
4. Application of the distributed system of management by the elevator of RSUL.

A cage is supplied on object in the taken apart kind and consists of compartment and framework. Framework consists of compact overhead beam; lower beam of booth
with catching of braking; lower beam with taking blocks; bearings chimneys framework.

The compartment of booth has internal sizes 920*710 mm and cut of automatic doors is 650 mm.
It includes: 
1. Immobile floor, pasted over the special wearproof coverage.
2. Three-section module ceiling. Its central part with lyuminiscent lamps is closed with a fireproof plastic and has a few variants of picture.  A lamp of emergency illumination
is set
in this part of ceiling . The sloping side-members of ceiling have build-in halogen lamps.
3. A control panel is set on a back wall and presents the complete module. The basic assembling of electrical equipment was carried out in this module. It provides a comfort and promotes
safety at maintenance of booth. 
4. In base acquisition a booth is offered
to a customer
with painting powder-like enamels. It is possible the variant to treat the compartment of booth with  stainless steel.