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Mode "Revision" - is a management by an elevator from the roof of booth during carrying out of review and repair of equipment which is set in the mine of elevator.

Modernization - is making alteration in the construction of elevators or lifts which promote their unconcern, technical level and improve economic descriptions by means of replacement of separate component parts on more modern, including replacement of control system, under such circumstances as maintainance of basic technical descriptions of elevator or lift.

 Nominal speed - is a rate of movement of booth on which is expected equipment of elevator.


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     The history of Scherbinskiy elevator- building factory (SCHEF) began in April, 1943, when on a base of Schelepikhinskikh mechanical workshops in Moscow elektro-mekhanichniy factory was founded. Exactly here,it was mastered the  issue of the first domestic freight elevators in 1954. Soon a production was carried in a settlement of Scherbinka and it was renamed in Moscow research-experimental elevator-building factory.An enterprise begin to issue the products on an export in 1957.
     In 1967-74 there was a reconstruction at the plant.Nowadays the products of the factory answer the best world standards.
     Permanent renewal and improvement of production capacities at the plant allow to do over 550 elevators on a month. Volume of elevator equipment, which is produced, grows constantly. So, in 2002 a factory made 2800 elevators, in 2003 - 4270, and in 2004 the volume of the produced products made 6004 elevators!
      Reason of similar successes was become by two basic principles: quality and safety. The most modern technologies anddesign materials, non-trivial designer decisions and modern system of marketing are used in a production for realization of these principles.
      Scherbinskiy elevator-building factory got a reputation of high quality manufacturer of reliable and high-quality elevators on territory of Russia and abroad.
      A factory produced serially:

     Presently a factory producesplenty of passenger elevators by a carrying capacity from 240 to 1000 kg and with speed of movement from 0,71 to 2,5 m/s, that allows to satisfy the queries of demanding customer.The control system by an elevator which can be executed on a different element base, provides the algorithm of work of elevator depending on a house, which he is set in.The different variants of treatments of cages are offered to the customer: serial, original and the first class.The designers of "SCHEF" developed passenger elevators by a carrying capacity 630 and 1000 kg with the mode of transportation of fire subsections.The demand on these elevators grows constantly. This mode includs the fully fireproof compartment of booth, hatch in ceilings of booth, fireproof mine doors and key of priority call. "SCHEF" is always in a state of improvement of elevators'  quality which are produced, and also perfection of equipment and mechanisms of elevators. It is important at providing of trouble-free and comfortable transportation of passengers .


- Lift for transportation of passengers in an arm-chair-carriage without accompany, model of PP-2015
     This model is set, as a rule, in unescorted houses with the purpose of transporting of invalids in arm-chairs-carriages from the level of sidewalk to the ground (landing) floor which is served by passenger elevator. For the call of platform on a landing ground an user transfers the special key in the reserved position a lock-contact and pushes button call. A platform arrives on a landing ground. Pushing the button of order and retaining it in pushed position, user sets a platform in motion to arriving on the landing ground of the second level. At using a platform, doesn't need a help. In case of setting off electric power platform returns on a landing ground.

-Passenger elevator for carrying passengers on invalid carriages, index PP-0601E
     The Passenger elevator of PP-0601E is intended for establishment in housings and publicbuildings with the purpose of transporting of passengers and also passengers on invalid carriages, mass of which together with the accompanied load does not exceed nominal. The Special lines of this construction of elevator is:installing control panel at the level of height of carriage ; the width of door cut is 900 mm.
     At pressure on the button of call on a landing floor a booth comes on the level of exact stop. The doors of elevator are opened automatically. A passenger on an invalid carriage drives to the booth and push a button, located in  the of management.An elevator's door closed automatically and it begins to move, dispersing to nominal speed. When a cage goes near the sensor of necessary floor, an elevator is slowed and stopped at the level of exact stop,and the door opens. A passenger on an invalid carriage drives out from a booth,the door closes, and a booth stands on a floor until a call will not act from any floor again.

-Lift for transporting of passengers in an arm-chair-carriage without accompany.
     The lifting platform, model PPO-2008 is intended for transporting of invalids in arm-chairs-carriages from the level of floor in porch to the level of floor of ground which is served by an elevator.

     It exists few variants of elevators formedical establishments taking into account all requirements, offered for transportation of patients.
-Elevator with the hand drive of door, supplied with extensible leaves with the cut of doors of 1200mm. It can have two implementations:with a passable and impassable booth.
-Booths of hospital elevators with the automaticdrive of door with a cut of 950 mm. This elevator allows to transport bed- patient with the use of different on a width transport vehicles. The feature of this elevator is a presence of the mode of priority call of booths on any the floor with the purpose of transportation sick in accompaniment of nurse without implementation of passing calls from grounds, which an elevator passed by. At other modes an elevator works as ordinary passenger, set in medical establishment.

4. SMALL FREIGHT ELEVATORS by a carrying capacity 100 and 250 kg.
     This elevator is practically noiseless and doesn't take a lot of electric power. The structural distinguishing feature of these elevators is application of apeak- extensible doors of mine, which does not require additional available space in the area of floor which is served. The booth of small freight elevator is made from the metallic modules and can have both passable and impassable implementation. A small freight elevator can be supplied with a metallic mine which has coloured design at will of customer.


An enterprise produces elevators of large carrying capacity from 500 to 5000 kg with speed of movement 0,5 m/s (0,25 m/s for elevators by a carrying capacity 5000 kg). These elevators are set on administrative and industrial objects: large shops and shopping centers, production enterprises. On the choice of customer "SCHEF" offers the different variants of implementation of freight elevators: with a hydraulic or electric drive; with passable and impassable booth; with management from the grounds of floors or from a cage by an explorer which accompanies a load.

Freight electric elevators for work in potentially explosive areas are produced since 2001. An electrical equipment and materials which included in this elevator is intended for exploitation in the explosive areas of class 2.The floor of booth is executed from a steel.

Motor-car lifts can be used for :installing in multistory motor-car stands to 5 surface and 3 underground floors. These types of lifts are intended for the automatic moving of cars between the floors of apartments for the maintainance of cars. Unlike standard lifts, this construction provides perfect security of driver which gets (drives out) in on a car on a hard platform.

      It is modern liftings devices, intended for carrying passengers and loads in dwellings and administrative houses,medical establishments, banks and offices, restaurants and storage facilities, garage complexes, and in many other.SCHEF designs and makes hydraulic elevators by a carrying capacity from 160 to 5000 kg with the rate of movement from 0,15 to 0,63 m/s. A cage moves under the action of hydrocylinder, located in a mine.The distinguishing features of hydraulic elevators is a quite of work, smoothness of motion and exactness of stop, possibility of direct influence on the booth of cylinder at the small height of getting up, and also unique possibility of establishment of elevator at presence of only one bearing wall.Absence of machine apartment does hydraulic elevators very popular for setting in private cottages. Elevators are equipped by the system of the emergency lowering and opening of doors at the sudden disconnecting of electric power. It is very important at their use in cottages.

DESIGN of elevators.
     A factory pulls out large requirements to the design and decorating of compartment of booths of elevators. As a result of creative approach of specialists of  "SCHEF", customers have not only reliable, safe but also beautiful elevator. The designers of "SCHEF" developed and applied in industry philosophy of comfort, style and beauty, - design series the first "CLASS". In dependence on desires and tastes of customer, it is possible to choose a few variants  of booths'  treatment of series the first "Class", which are used both in dwelling-houses and in elite, administrative houses. Treatment of compartment of cage can be executed with  the plastic application of the imported production, stainless steel  coverage. It is also used a wide range of different rails, lamps, floor covarage, which complement the modern design of elevator and create the composition of the unique style, beauty and comfort.