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A height of getting up of elevator - is a distance for vertical lines between the levels of lower overhead landings (loadings) grounds.

A height of mine - is a distance for vertical lines from the floor of hollow mine to ceiling above a mine.

A height of overhead part of mine - is distance for vertical lines from the level of the overhead landing (load ground) to ceiling above a mine (ceiling of mine).

A hydraulic elevator - is an elevator in which electro-pumping gidrodrive of forward motion gives a booth to motion.

A machine apartment - is a separate apartment for placing of elevators' equipment.

A mine - is a space, in which a booth, counterbalance and device of booth moves. 

A reconstruction - is a change of kinematics chart of elevator, increases of carrying capacity or nominal speed, which are carried out after introduction of elevator to exploitation.

A sidewalk freight elevator - is a freight squeezing elevator the booth of which goes out from a mine.

A single management - is a control system by work of one elevator.

A width of booth - is a distance for horizontal lines between the internal surfaces of booths' walls, that it is measured parallell included in a booth.


Nikas Elevators E-mail

 LTD ''NIKAS'' works at the elevator market of Ukrainesince 2002 and offers the complete complex of services for assembling,supplying, setting of passenger and freight elevators of any class of production of "Karacharovskiy mechanical factory", "Scherbinskiy elevator building factory", RUP factory of "Mogilevliftmash", and also factories of " Izamet 1991" (Bulgaria), "Tekhnos" (Bulgaria).
NIKAS offers:
- passenger elevators for modern dwelling-houses - from socialhousing building to the apartments the first "Class" of higher digit:
 - Passenger elevators of Nikas - the first Class (Nicas - Lux);

- Passenger elevators of Nikas- Standard (Nicas - Standart);

- Passenger elevators of Nikas- Econom (Nicas - Ekonom);

- Passenger elevators - KMZ (Standart);

-Prestige Passenger elevators - KMZ (Prestige);

- Classics Passenger elevators - Izamet (Classic);

 - Passenger elevators of the first Class S- Izamet (Lux S);

 - Passenger elevators of the first Class L - Izamet (Lux L);

- Passenger elevators of the first Class MR - Izamet (Lux MR);

- Passenger elevators of Natur - Izamet (Nature).
-passenger elevators for carrying passengers on invalid carriages;
-elevators for medical establishments;

- hospital elevators for setting in medical establishments. The width of door allows to transport bed-patients. Hospital elevators can be equipped with the automatic drive of doors;
-freight elevators. The booth of freight elevators is made from the metallic modules.
-hydraulic elevators are modern liftings devices, intended for carrying passengers and loads in dwellings and administrative houses, medical establishments, banks and offices, restaurants and storage facilities, garage complexes.
The special lines of hydraulic elevators are quite of work, smoothness of motion and exactness of stop. Absence of machine apartment does hydraulic elevators very popular for establishment in private cottages. All elevators are executed in a protective implementation and able to resist fire for an hour.
- panoramic elevators add a substantial element to the project of artistic design of house.
Two factors accelerated a tendency to the increase of application of panoramic elevators: stylish - as architectural conception in connection with complication of modern technology of elevator bringing in business and own building.Implementation of compartment-booth and doors of mine can be from the mirror, relief stainless steel coloured. Depending on the wishes of customer, any implementation of compartment of booth is possible in accordance with architectural style and building.
Various technical decisions depend on project tasks: there are elevators with telescopic doors, with a lower engine-room, with a communicating booth etc. It is possibleto implement the elevators on the individual ordering from enhanceable requirements to the comfort and design. One of the main indexes of comfort of elevator is vibroacoustic descriptions of booth during its motion.Winch influences on a comfort in a cage. It is the main drive of elevator. Nikas offers elevators equipped by direct-drive on the base of the asynchronous, special, onespeed engines, of Schneider Electric
At will of customer elevators can be manned by the winches of ''OTIS", "Izamet, 1991", "Tekhnos OOD"
productions. The cost of the Bulgarian elevators is counted individually.