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Electric elevator - is an elevator in which an electro-drive gives a booth to motion .
Elevator-boy - is a person which manages an elevator and watches after fulfilment by passengers of "Rules of using an elevator".

Exploitation - is the stage of life cycle of elevator or lift on which will realize, support and proceed quality of good. Exploitation of elevator engulfs the stages of introduction to exploitation on purpose, storage, transporting, technical service, permanent and middle repair, stopping of exploitation (utilization and elimination).

Freight elevator with a monorail - is an ordinary freight elevator in the booth of which there is the foreseen possibility of fastening of the suspended way (monorails and others like that).

Freight elevator with an explorer - is an elevator, intended for transporting of loads carrying passengers with an explorer.


Elevators of Karacharovskiy Mechanical Factory E-mail

 "KARACHAROVSKIY MECHANICAL FACTORY" with a 59-year history provides a build complex of Moscow and regions by elevators, tower cranes, mobile freight passenger lifts and other facilities of mechanization.
        From the beginning of 50th a factory began to supply the unique overall wares of the artistic casting. A factory produced the most various build technique and mechanisms. It is hard to find an object in Moscow which didn't use for building the products of KMZ. Metal construction from steel and aluminium used for building and treatment of many unique houses of Moscow.
        The serial making of elevators began at the plant i
n 1957. Elevators became the basic products of factory.
        Nowadays the nomenclature of enterprise  counted
70 types of elevators of different carrying capacity (from 100 to 5000 kg). It is passenger elevators, freight, hospital, elevators for transportation of fire subsections. Elevators are also produced with telescopic doors, with a lower engine-room, with a communicating booth. One of main tendencies of enterprise, which provide success, - always LED time, developing the new models of elevator equipment, which answer modern requirements on quality and comfort. If necessary a factory can develop a technical document and make elevators for the non-standard mines of customer. KMZ makes elevators with fire-prevention doors and elevators which provide transportation of fire subsections. "KMZ" makes complete sets for modernization of elevators without their complete replacement. An enterprise is conducted by assembling, adjusting, service and modernization of elevator equipment, supply of spare parts, for an elevator, regardless of date of his making. Passenger elevators are intended for getting up and descent passengers in dwellings and public houses.
        Control system by elevators is mixed - with a call of empty booth on any the floor and with passing stops at motion of booth downward (for the housing chart of management), and for administrative - passing calls upstairs and downward. During setting of few elevators in a direct closeness one from one is used group management. The modern elevators of KMZ today pleasantly make happy by not only the comfort of journey (smoothness, quite, reliability) but also wonderful esthetic design. The design of elevators is developed by the professional command of designers. It is possible to make elevators for design-project of customer. Walls and doors of cage are made from: metallic modules, stainless steel (polished or with a picture), aluminium, the plastic arts, leads of valuable breeds of tree. Except for it, at treatment of booths' walls it can be used: skin, panels from natural a stone (granite, marble), mirrors. The different variants of rails, and also different decorative elements, can be set in a booth.
       One of the main indexes of comfort of elevator is vibroacoustic descriptions of booth during its motion. Winch influences o
n a comfort in a cage.It is the main drive of elevator. A factory, mainly, completes elevators the winches of own development and making. The specialists of factory are constantly conduct works from the improvement of existing and development of new constructions of main drive. For example, the new construction of direct-drive is developed on the base of the asynchronous, special, onespeed engines of "ELDIN" production m. Yaroslavl. With such drivess can be produced speed passenger elevators by a carrying capacity 400, 630,1000 kg and by speed from 1,6 to 4 m/s for height houses. A factory also can produce elevators by a carrying capacity to 1000 kg and by speed 2,2 m/s on the base of the imported reducing gears of firm Loher and electric motors of firm Flender.''KMZ'' offers the series of prestige elevators with application of oversea knots and components.