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Safety device of elevator - is a device for providing of the safe use an elevator.
Sending booths (counterbalances) - are device which determines position of booth (counterbalances) in a mine.

Special setting elevator -  is an elevator, intended for concrete industry and special purpose setting.

Squeezing freight elevator - is a freight elevator, getting up of booth of which is produced by force, that operates on it from below.

Technical service - is a complex of actions or action for maintenance in good condition or state of capacity of elevator (lift) during the use of it on purpose, outage, storage and transporting.

The mixed management - is a type of management, at which the command of management on starting of elevator is given both from a booth and from superficial grounds.


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    LTD "TisenKrupp Elevator"is a company of world-wide German business Concern Thyssenkrupp Elevator AG. Nowadays business Concern Thyssenkrupp Elevator AG has the third place in the world and first place in the USA on a production and realization of elevator and escalator equipment.
Business concern Thyssenkrupp Elevator AG - has over 800 companies and representative offices more than in 60 countries of the world. Elevator and escalator equipment and also equipment for persons with the limited possibilities, is supplied to the
 Russian market since 2002. LTD. "TissenKrupp Elevator" is carried out: supply, assembling, technical service, and also modernization of elevator equipment of the German business concern Thyssenkrupp Elevator. A business concern Thyssenkrupp Elevator designs and makes various assortment of elevator equipment:
ELEVATORS for multistoried dwellings buildings, office houses, hotels, point-of-sale-entertaining centers
Thyssenkrupp Elevator offers the eccentric going near an inter'er of elevator, applying high-quality materials for treatment of cage and
interesting designer decisions in the elements of illuminating from beneath and illumination of elevator. One of the unique types of this group is a passenger elevator TWIN.
2. COTTAGE ELEVATORS for the out-of-town houses

Cottage elevators with the most various variants treatments are ideally inscribed in inter'er of private houses and cottages with a height of two and more floors. cottage elevator of Thyssenkrupp Elevator differs functionality, reliability, and also beautiful and elegant original appearance.
FREIGHT ELEVATORS (including motor-car) for commercial and public houses. Freight elevator of Thyssenkrupp Elevator is a reliable and optimum variant for hospitals, official establishments, hotels, office houses and others like that. It is produced taking into account all requirements, connected with the features of exploitation of freight elevators with a calculation on any loadings. Tisen Elevators can be two kinds: with a rope or hydraulic drive.Every component of elevator equipment is carefully tested and guarantees work of passenger elevators, freight and cottage elevators during a long period of time.
4. ESCALATORS of Thyssenkrupp Elevator

LTD "Tisenkrup Elevator" supplies with escalators and passenger conveyers productions of Thyssenkrupp Elevator, which differ from other by an exclusive design, modern technical descriptions, reliability, and economy.
The effective system of energy-savings and longevity of escalators of Thyssenkrupp Elevator provide the cutback of the operating spending.An escalator and passenger conveyer of Thyssenkrupp Elevator is completed by the effective systems of energy-savings: two-phase system of constant-speed, that allows to include economic drive modification on the starting stage and on idling of escalator. It saves to 30% more energy, than drive of"delta"
modification; function of stop/start,which stops an escalator/passanger conveyer in default of on it passengers and sets it in motion only they appear. It is an economy of electric power and prevention of details' wear; two-speed motor of eskalator/passenger conveyer , that allows to economize approximately 50% of energy; frequency transformer, that with appearance of passengers on an eskalator/passenger conveyer fluently increases his speed from a spacehold to nominal. It economizes 60% of energy.
Due to these and other innovative technologies, the
Tisen escalators differ enhanceable wearproofness and maximal reliability.
The design of escalators of Thyssenkrupp Elevator strikes also : modernity, use of high-quality materials, the most different variants of illuminating from beneath and external treatment pretends escalators unsurpassed.
Tisen escalators and passenger conveyers are equipped bymany technological innovations: by the dual-braking system, that allows to stop an escalator / passenger conveyer quickly and safely regardless of direction of his motion;
- by the system of blocking of rails of escalator / passenger conveyer which works in an urgent situation;
- the patented acoustic system with automatic control which immediately sends to the operators on-line signal about the damage of escalator or passenger conveyer
- allows the patented technology of e-escalator/e-conveyor,that allows by touch-controls to conduct control at work of separate escalator / passenger conveyer or by their group over the Internet quickly and simply.
Due to enormous experience of Thyssenkrupp Elevator in planning, production and assembling of escalators/passanger conveyers, it was set more than 60 thousand units of their production all over the world.