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Mode "Revision" - is a management by an elevator from the roof of booth during carrying out of review and repair of equipment which is set in the mine of elevator.

Modernization - is making alteration in the construction of elevators or lifts which promote their unconcern, technical level and improve economic descriptions by means of replacement of separate component parts on more modern, including replacement of control system, under such circumstances as maintainance of basic technical descriptions of elevator or lift.

 Nominal speed - is a rate of movement of booth on which is expected equipment of elevator.


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''Pilawa Company''

 "PILAWA" enterprise is the private Polish company from 1980 year. A company is specialized on planning, making, assembling, modernization, exploitation and maintenance of all types of elevators, escalators, and mobile foot-ways, and also platforms for transportation of people with the limited possibilities.
The proprietor of company is Yevhen Pilawa. For many years, he is the member of the National chamber on building, Polish association of producers of elevators.
Headquarters of company is in Kolobzheg, street Rainbow 1, commercial representative offices accessible on all territory of country, that allows to serve clients in any place in Poland
effectively and high-quality. It is a partner for designers, architects, businessmen.
Satisfaction of clients is a key factor which brings a company over to success. Creation and introduction of innovative products and services, and also the simple rules of collaboration, bargain prices and other important elements of philosophy management of company, allow to execute services, sale, service, and give exhaustive technical consultations
high-quality and professionally. High quality products and services is confirmed by the proper certificates and reviews of many clients. As proof of the most modern technical decisions and high quality products which belongs to the company is a quality certificate of ISO 9001:2001. All equipment, that offered by a PILAWA company have all necessary licenses and certificates that require Management of technical examination.
A company offers the following equipment: freight lifts, including for cars; hospital elevators without a machine apartment; platforms for transportation of people with the limited possibilities;cranes, intended for an individual contract; complete sets of modernization;escalators and travolators.
A company gives the followings services: planning, development and concordance of technical document on elevators;assembling of all types of lifts;modernization and repair of all types of existent elevators; guarantee and after guarantee technical service.
The wide assortment of high quality and technical level
 products gives a possibility for clients to pick up products depending on individual necessities, tastes and style of apartment.


Company has own designer bureau with a high-professional technical personnel which on the early stage of project works will be able to offer high-quality and clever solution, depending on the concrete setting of building, architectural styles, and, certainly, from the necessities of client.

Company owns own production and ware-house building. A modern technique and perfection of technological production allowed us to extend an own production and give services for foreign customers.

Company provides technical maintenance of all types of lifting-transport mechanisms through this country. The high-quality specialized technique, necessary for the leadthrough of the proper technical service, allows to serve quickly, high-quality, professionally, practically round-the-clock during 7 days for a week. A company provides guarantee andafter guarantee maintenance of the set equipment.
MODERNIZATION AND REPAIR: A company offers: Complete modernization of elevators, escalators; complete or partial replacement of equipment.



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