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Building lift - is a transport vehicle of interruptive action, which is set on an hour of buildings works, is intended for raising and chuting of build materials (freight lift) or build materials and people in a booth which moves on the vertical sending, from one level on other.

Catching - is a device for braking, stop and maintenance of booth (counterbalances), on sending. 

Control system - is an aggregate of control units which provides work of elevator.

Doors' drive of an elevator - is a device for opening and pushing a door of elevator.

Doors of the central opening - are extensible doors of booth (mines), the leaves of which move inidentical planes in different sides.

Doors of the telescopic opening - are extensible doors of booth (mines), the leaves of which move in rivnobizhnikh planes in one side, calling one for other.


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Company Shankhay Mitsubishi Elevator (1987r., China) is the biggest producer of elevators in China with an annual production over 13 000,00 complete sets of elevator equipment. It was created by four companies, two of them are Chinese Shankhay Electrician Korporeyshn and Japanese Mitsubisi Electrician Korporeyshn. A company attained a high international level on technology and quality of products due to active introduction of Japanese elevator power of firm Mitsubishi, and also own technological works.

Quality of factory products is confirmed the proper certification on the system IS0 9001 in 1993., IS0 14001 in 1997 and OhSAS 18001 in 2000. In 2002 a company was the recipient of an award Prize of National Administration of Quality.

Passenger elevators of series GPS-III
Elevators of series GPS-III answer the standards of elevators of new generation : they use the most modern computer technologies that promote optimizations of their exploitation. Elevators are used in prestige hotels, offices and dwelling-houses of de-luxe.
Elevators are equipped the system of group management which maximally optimizes efficiency of movement of every elevator by the analysis of data of passanger stream for the evaluation of psychological time of expectation of passengers. As a result, it reports to a minimum expectation time of elevator on any floor. High quality and comfort of movement is provided by a drive with the negator of transformer of tension and frequency, that allows exactly to regulate speed, radically to promote the smoothness elevator motion and save electrical energy.
Passenger elevators without the machine apartment of ELENESSA.
Machine Room less elevator of ELENESSA answers the special requirements of customer to original appearance, maximal safety and comfort. A modern drive with a synchronous engine is used in the elevator. Due to the use of compact direct-drive, it was succeeded to optimize space that allowed to give up a machine apartment.
The elevator of ELENESSA is not only compact and cheap but also more safe. The complex of the proper facilities of safety provides maximal safety, reliability of work and exploitation.
In the case of disconnecting of power supply for evacuation of passengers it is possible to use the internal or external emergency source of feed. An elevator is equipped a protective device which consists of terminator of speed and electromechanics brakes, that overspeeds prevent at motion of booth upstairs. This device is the additional guarantee of safety.
A compactness of location of electronic pays is in the closet of management (technology of SMT) resulted diminishing of sizes of closet (thickness in all 98 mm). A management closet is set in overhead part of mine. Compact control panel in thick 25 mm is set on the lateral wall of booth for the increase of comfort of management an elevator by passengers.
The optimum tuning of control system taking into account features of elevator without a machine apartment reduces probability of failures in-process of elevator and provide safety of work.
Passenger elevators with the small machine apartment of LEHY-II:
- computer control system;
- speed: 1,00 ~ 4,0 m/s;
- transformer drive of tension and frequency of alternating current;
- overhead machine apartment by a carrying capacity: from 630 kg to 1600 kg
Freight elevators of HOPE - II G:
 Freight elevators of HOPE-IIG use the drives with the frequency adjusting ( VVVF ), that allows a smoothness and comfort of motion. The module construction of  frequency transformer increased repair possibility of the drive system considerably.
Technique of distributive microprocessor network Shankhay Mitsubishi increased efficiency of connection and stability of motion of the system's work.The control system of HOPE-IIG elevator uses 32-bit a microprocessor., High yield and extended functions of the system answer the special customer order.
Escalators of series J
Escalators are equipped with maximally exact reducing gear, squeak-proof devices, unique turning mechanism, reliable and stable in exploitation and comfort in the use. The escalators of series of J provide high strength security during exploitation. Escalators are equipped frequency transformers. In accordance with a signal about the size of passanger stream from a photo-electric sensor at the entrance of escalator the automatic starting is carried out.
Three speeds (0.5m/s, 0.3m/s, 0.1m/s), starting by a frequency transformer and impositions of shoe tree at a zero speed diminish a mechanical blow and promote the level of comfort and safety. High-efficiency, energykeepings and comfortable in service escalators with a frequency transformer begin to move only at the receipt of signal from a photo-electric sensor about the entrance of passengers. At motion the downward economized energy passes back in an electric network. It economies the electric power on 30 %.
Basic advantages of escalators of series of J is the small touched space, strong construction and large capacity.Original design escalators are added by transparent balustrades with illuminating from beneath of rails.
Devices of safety:
Blocking of apron (option) This device stopps the escalator at the hit of extraneous objects in a gap.
Emergency button "stop" At pressure on the button ''STOP'' an escalator stopps.
Blocking of comb This device disconnects drive electric motor and brake at the hit of extraneous objects in a gap between combs and steps.
Blocking of drive chain. This device disconnects an electric motor at the precipice of drive chain and an escalator stopps.
Limitation of speed. This device is set on a drive mechanism. At too high or small speed an escalator stopps.
Construction of escalators of series J connects functionality with aesthetics. Reliable, safe escalators with the original finishing are the result of priority of interests of passenger. Every devices of safety and auxiliary components satisfy any requirements in an escalator equipment.