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A width of mine - is a distance for horizontal lines between the internal surfaces of mine which is measured parallell the width of booth.

A winch - is an electromechanics device with an electric motor, intended for creation of squeezing effort which provides motion of cage.

A wire-rope elevator; a tow-line elevator - is an elevator in which rope (tow-line) is used as a hauling organ .

An elevator - is a stationary machine of batch-type, intended for getting up and lowering of people and (or) loads in a booth, which moves on the hard rectilineal sending in which angle of slope to the vertical line not more than 15 degrees.

An elevator drive - is a device for the concitation of elevator.

An explorer (elevator) - is a person which constantly is in a cage and gives management commands.   

An external management - is a type of management, at which the command of management on starting of elevator is given only from superficial grounds.

An ordinary freight elevator - is an elevator the booth of which is suspended for its overhead part.


Attached mine - is a mine, located outside the house.

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Pneumatic Vacuum Elevators LLC

Pneumatic Vacuum Elevators, LLC is the designer and manufacturer of the vacuum elevator. PVE is an innovative, technology-based company that has revolutionized how people and goods may be vertically transported within residential, marine and stage environments.  

Through the application of fundamental physics and the utilization of attractive materials, PVE has virtually created a transportation vehicle within a bubble.  

Founded in 2002, in Miami, Florida, the Company proudly manufactures three versions of its vacuum elevators, ranging from single to a three-passenger, wheelchair-accessible model.  Rather than using cables or pistons, PVE manufactures the only elevator that is powered by one of the most abundant resources in the world… AIR!   Due to its minimal footprint, rapid installation and a unique panoramic design, the vacuum elevator goes where other elevators simply cannot.  PVE maintains an expanding network of more than 100 authorized dealers worldwide.


There are three main components to the transparent, self-supporting vacuum elevator:

1.      Exterior Cylinder - made up of an aluminum frame and polycarbonate panels.

2.      Elevator Car - made of steel, which houses the brake and safety mechanisms along with the proprietary seal located on top of the car.

3.      Suction Assembly - located on top of the upper cylinder.  Houses the turbine engines, valves, and the PVE control board.


                             No          pit          excavation,        hoist-way,          or           machine              room     required;

                             Installation        within   one        to           two        days;

                             Two       to           four       stops     for          residential,        marine,               and        stage     applications                      [35ft.     (10.5m)                total      rise];

                             Ideal     for          new       and        existing homes                due        to           the         minimal              footprint                required             to           accommodate  the         structure;

                             Self-supporting               structure:                          the         elevator              is            capable               of                freestanding     on          any        level     ground surface;

                             “Green Elevator:”           minimal              energy consumption    required             during  ascent  and        no                energy necessary           for          descent;

                             Modern               design  allows   360?       visibility              without               cables   or           pistons that       block                vision;

                             Minimal              maintenance:   no          lubricants           or           regular service required;

                             Absolute             safety:  in            the         event    of           a             power   failure, the         elevator              cab                automatically   descends            to           the         lowest level and the electro-mechanical door opens to allow passenger to exit;

                             220Volt                single   phase   service required             for elevator       operation           and        all           cabin                electric                circuits are 24 volts;

                             Extremely smooth starting and               stopping operations;

                             ASME    A17.7    Code     Compliance Certified.


Single passenger elevator

·         350 lbs lift capacity (159 kg);

·         External              cylinder               diameter:           30           inches  (750       mm);

·         30 ft/min travelling speed;

·         Aluminum & polycarbonate structure;

·         Automatic interior LED lighting and fan;

·         In-line door openings.


Two passenger elevator

·         450 lbs lift capacity (205 kg);

·         External              cylinder               diameter:           37           inches  (950       mm);

·         30 ft/min travelling speed;

·         Aluminum & polycarbonate structure;

·         Automatic interior LED lighting and fan;

·         In-line and walk-through door openings.


Three passenger elevator

·         Wheelchair accessible;

·         525 lbs lift capacity (238 kg);

·         External  cylinder  diameter: 52               11/16   inches (1,338mm);

·         20 ft/min travelling speed;

·         Aluminum & polycarbonate structure;

·         Automatic interior LED lighting and fan;

·         In-line and walk-through door openings.

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