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Mode "Revision" - is a management by an elevator from the roof of booth during carrying out of review and repair of equipment which is set in the mine of elevator.

Modernization - is making alteration in the construction of elevators or lifts which promote their unconcern, technical level and improve economic descriptions by means of replacement of separate component parts on more modern, including replacement of control system, under such circumstances as maintainance of basic technical descriptions of elevator or lift.

 Nominal speed - is a rate of movement of booth on which is expected equipment of elevator.


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1. A choice of the type of elevator drive.

Elevators can be with an electric or hydraulic drive.
Electric elevator.
Hydraulic elevator.

Every occasion has own advantages and failings:

- speed and height of getting up: a hydraulic elevator is provided by speed to 0, 3 m/s at the height of getting up to 20-22m, electric- to 1-1,6 m/s at the height of getting up of booth - to 60 m.
- machine apartment: it follows to foresee the special engine-room for electric elevators, (as a rule, - above a mine that is higher overhead floor).There is special station of management and power drive – winch inside the engine-room. There are electric elevators with a lower machine apartment or without it. Hydraulic elevators need presence only one bearing wall of mine. The power drive of hydraulic elevators is a hydroelectric generator. A hydroelectric generator and management station can be disposed both into a mine, and in the distance to 15 meters from a mine.
- power of drive: the power of hydraulic drive more than in electric in 1,5 times. Therefore at equal terms, the hydraulic have a greater carrying capacity.
- energy consumption: a hydraulic elevator consumes energy only at getting up of booth, lowering takes place under the action of weight of booth. Substantial advantage of hydraulic elevators is the automatic returning of booth on a lower stop at the sudden stopping of energy supply of building, here time of evacuation of passengers is measured by seconds.

2. A choice of an elevator.

After an application domain elevators are distributed on a few kinds:
- passengers,
- freight,
- hospital.

Every kind, in same queue, is divided into sub-groups.

For example, passenger elevators depending on implementation of booth and elevator can be distributed on:
- ordinary (in dwelling-houses, hotels, administrative buildings and others like that); -
- panoramic - with a transparent mine and booth.

There are few kinds of freight elevators:
-little freight (including kitchen),
- motor-car,
- elevators for ships and others.

The carrying capacity of basic group is divided into 7 degrees: from 630 to 3200 kg, little freight - into 5: it is 5, 50, 100, 200, 250 kg.

3. Choice of doors of mine and booth.

If a mine is wide, it is advisable to use extensible doors, if more narrow – it is better to use doors which are opened a hand method. Advantages of such doors lie in that they look as an ordinary one and do not contrast with other doors of the building. Most compact is telescopic doors. They are folded and do not need additional place on each side of mine. There is possible variant with a few doors (at the front, behind, from one side), so-called communicating booth which gives possibility to appear at the right time in the right place.

4. Choice of decoration.

Taking into account taste of Customer and setting of elevator, compartment of booth, it can be the most various implementation of design (standard acquisition of housings buildings elevators or elite implementation of business-class elevators for administrative buildings).

In framing the “first class” elevators, intended for the dwelling-houses of the special comfort, and also banks, offices, hotels can be used the relief, polished stainless steel with different coverage, mirror surfaces, glass panels, ceiling with polished stainless steel, allowing to reduce the effect of the reserved space, floor coverage, - from artificial stones to velour carpets.
As a rule, the designer gamut of implementation of cage accords individually.

5. Energy supply.

The power of elevator which moves with the speed from 0,3 to 0,6 m/s, - 2 kW. Taking into account, that it will not use them every minute, such energy consumption can be named more than economic.

The most widespread reason of unexpected stop in Ukraine is the sudden disconnecting of electric power. Certainly, it is possible to set built-in accumulators in the elevator system (only in electrically-actuated elevators), but it increases their cost considerably. Therefore developers with the special attention think over reliability and safety of constructions.

6. Additional options.

- in a booth, for example, a telephone is installed, that in the case of necessity it is possible to appeal for a help.
- devices, which carry out the automatic computer testing of work of all basic devices of elevator, electronic synthesizer of broadcasting.
-button of opening of doors, that allows to retain doors opened at an entrance with child's light cart or at loading-unloading of load.
- if too much passengers will enter in a booth, an elevator due to the mounted inspector of overload does not collapse from a place.
- for additional payment, it is possible also to establish the system of the automatic opening of doors in default of energy supply, when a booth stopps for a lower stop.

7. About a producer.

The basic producers of elevators in the world market is Otis, Schindler, Kone, Thyssen, business concern Mitsubishi. These firms successfully promote their products at the Ukrainian market. The greatest indicator of sale for today in Ukraine has Otis. Widely presented in Ukraine "Mogilevskiy elevator-build factory", complete "Carat-elevator-set", "Scherbinskiy elevator-build factory".