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A width of mine - is a distance for horizontal lines between the internal surfaces of mine which is measured parallell the width of booth.

A winch - is an electromechanics device with an electric motor, intended for creation of squeezing effort which provides motion of cage.

A wire-rope elevator; a tow-line elevator - is an elevator in which rope (tow-line) is used as a hauling organ .

An elevator - is a stationary machine of batch-type, intended for getting up and lowering of people and (or) loads in a booth, which moves on the hard rectilineal sending in which angle of slope to the vertical line not more than 15 degrees.

An elevator drive - is a device for the concitation of elevator.

An explorer (elevator) - is a person which constantly is in a cage and gives management commands.   

An external management - is a type of management, at which the command of management on starting of elevator is given only from superficial grounds.

An ordinary freight elevator - is an elevator the booth of which is suspended for its overhead part.


Attached mine - is a mine, located outside the house.

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Nowadays factories-producers offer the high-quality electric elevators of world class of high level of comfort, reliability and safety. Application in the elevators of modern components provides smooth motion of booth, reduction amount of refuses, noiseless work of elevators, and the wearproofness of materials is guaranteed by reliability and longevity of service of all mechanisms.
  The elevators equipped with an electromechanic have advantages for buildings with enhanceable intensity of motion.
An electro-drive can be twospeed and frequency adjusting of speed.
A twospeed drive does not need large power, and that is why consumes a bit energy. It is an optimum variant for housings buildings.
The feature of frequency drives is the use of highly technological microsystem which provides the smoothness of motion of elevator at an acceleration and braking. The passengers of such elevators are served considerably quick and comfort due to more smooth acceleration and braking. And the less using of electricity for the start of elevator allows to economize electric power. At the rates of movement of booth 1 m/s and anymore it is recommended to apply the frequency adjusting of power occasion of elevator, which will provide not only the smoothness of motion of booth but also high exactness of stops.
The drive of doors can have the frequency adjusting also .
Doors of elevators can be central or telescopic opening. Feature and attractiveness of doors of the telescopic opening is in possibility to shorten the width of mine, keeping the contain booth and, accordingly, to economize a building area .
Depending on a necessity, a booth can be passable, that is,to have two opposite entrances.
 It follows to foresee a machine apartment for electric elevators. It can be above the mine of elevator or directly near a mine. Some models of electric elevators can not have a machine apartment.
The most modern construction of winch with the vertical location of engine allows to decrease the amount of mechanical details, mobile knots and welding elements, that considerably improved vibro- and sound-proof descriptions of winch, and also promoted the term of exploitation. Due to the use of this small winch the sizes of machine apartment grew short. Possibility of programming is done a management more flexible. Application of small winch, technology production of which is based on the use of microprocessors, and also modern inspector, decide the task of economy of electric power and provide reliability of equipment during the long-term exploitation.
For the special order, it is possible assembling of the special device for automatic putting of booth on the nearest stop at the sudden disconnecting of tension.